What Folks Are Saying About The LO Times!

Here’s a nice collection of stories that have given proper shout outs to our little food media website and newsletter. Consider subscribing for full access to reviews, news, and city guides.

Vox: We Dined Out Less This Year — But It Wasn’t Just About the Price

  • Reporter Whizy Kim talks with Ryan Sutton about how consumers are coping with $25 martini prices and restaurants that sometimes double in price, and how some venues are adopting a party-like ethos to lure in diners.

Bon Appetit: Have High Prices Killed the Joy of Trying New Restaurants?

  • In a longer piece on inflation, Meg McCarron chats with Ryan Sutton of The LO Times about what it means, culturally, when folks get priced out of restaurants.

W42nd: Food Critic Ryan Sutton Finds Plenty to Love About the International Cuisine of Hell’s Kitchen

  • The good folks at W42nd featured Ryan Sutton in their “West Side Story” series, with a nice (anonymous) photo essay to boot!

New York Magazine: Caviar Used to Be Special. Now It’s Just Another Upsell

  • Grub Street’s Tammie Teclemariam writes about the ubiquity of caviar on restaurant menus, and chats with Ryan Sutton about Chinese caviar and how restaurants sometimes misidentify where caviar actually comes from.

Eater: Who Needs Dave Portnoy?

Yahoo/Robb Report: David Chang’s Game-Changing Momofuku Ssäm Bar Is Closing This Month, Ending an Era of New York Dining

  • Robb Report’s Jeremy Repanich quotes our “Free Food” newsletter on the shuttering of David Chang’s seminal restaurant, and how the new Seaport location of the venue never regained the cutting edge relevance of the orignal.

The Vittles Review of the Year 2023, Part 1

  • A quick “what have you been reading” shout out from the esteemed Jonathan Nunn!

Restaurant Manifesto: Restaurants Don’t Belong To Us Anymore

  • Adam Reiner discusses a LO Times column on surging restaurant prices and the notion of a “Pivot to Rich” strategy among certain venues — aimed at luring in a wealthy clientele.

Substack Reads: The new vacation home aesthetic, and summer creamsicle energy

  • A Substack shout out to one of our inaugural posts on how the Restaurant of the Summer is wherever you can find summer creamsicle energy.

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