Let’s go out to eat tonight!

I’m Ryan Sutton, your favorite laid-off food critic, and I’m here to make sure that we’re eating and drinking well even when life throws us a few curveballs — something I know a thing or two about! So welcome to The LO Times, a Substack “bestseller,” and a food media site for our era of economic uncertainty. Think of me as a your personal guide to dining out during these tumultuous but delicious times.

I’ve been reviewing NYC restaurants for nearly 18 years, starting with Bloomberg News in the aughts — throughout the Great Recession — and then with Eater NY for nearly a decade….until layoffs hit in January. My job was a casualty, but wouldn’t you know it, New York still needs folks to help us decide where to eat and hang, especially as the pandemic-battered restaurant community roars back to life.

As some well-funded media sites cut back on food criticism, an absolutely vital service, this one-person outfit is doubling down on it.

Yep, that means I’m back at it, reviewing restaurants in one of the world’s greatest cities. I hope we can figure out a way to enjoy it all together even as the price of everything shoots up, as rents remain at sky-high levels, and as layoffs continue to jolt our resilient economy. It’s all the more reason to find a bit of joy where we can, maybe even at one of our city’s absolutely amazing restaurants.

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A few more things: There are a lot of bland lists out there; I’ll make sure our “best of” columns feel more like a cool mixtape (or email) from your buddy who always has their eye out for what’s good (and what’s not)! I also hope you’ll dig our focus on value, whether you’re worried about your next paycheck, waiting to see what your bonus will look like, or even looking for a job. And while putting out this type of journalism is expensive, we’ll still publish a few free posts every month.

That’s it for now, and please do email me anytime at lotimesnyc@gmail.com or at ryanpsutton@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns, or if you just feel like chatting about restaurants.

Happy chomping!


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I am a New York food critic. I write and edit The LO Times.