Cheat Sheets, Best of Lists, and NYC City Guides

NYC’s Top Splurges, Fine Dining Spots, and Special Occasion Restaurants: Your Comprehensive Guide

  • Cosme, Tatiana, Le Bernardin, Cote, Ensenada, Torrisi, and others are included on the long list. Scroll down for places you should absolutely skip!

New York’s 19 Best Dishes of the Year…So Far!

  • Including entries on Libertine, Bad Roman, Foul Witch, and others

Three Super Tasty Options for Chopped Steak in NYC

  • A few words about the majestic chopped steak at Via Carota, as well as estimable versions at Le Rock and Gallaghers.

A Roundup of Some of New York’s Top Tomato Dishes

  • With a bonus take on the amazing frozen cocktails at Tatiana

Where to Eat (or Avoid) Shrimp Cocktail in NYC

  • Plus a short review of Claud in the East Village

Searching for Good Soba in NYC

  • It’s a short list because there aren’t a lot of soba spots!

The Top Affordable Eats in Hell’s Kitchen

  • You’ll also see a short burger review (Lovely’s) at the top!

Three Great Places for Au Poivre

  • Plus a short essay in defense of a smaller bistro-style steak

Tomato pizza from Bread & Salt